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"Fiat Justitia" - Let Justice Be Done

Business Litigation: Practices


When a party enters into a contract and fails to perform the duties required under the agreement, there is a breach of contract. In determining the best course of action for your case, we will provide advice on the interpretation of the contract and examine the relevant legislation and precedents. If a breach of contract is established during the litigation process or in court, it may give rise to claims in damages (such as monetary compensation for loss), or under special circumstances the specific performance of the obligation in the agreement.


If you are a Shareholder, Director, Creditor or Partner of a corporation and the Corporation (or its other shareholders ) have acted in a manner that is Oppressive to your business interests, such that there was damage or loss of income onto you, there are options at your disposal to remedy the damages and obtain Monetary Compensation. On behalf of our clients, we are prepared to commence Oppression Remedy Actions: this is a very broad and powerful remedy that shareholders and other corporate stakeholders can invoke to protect their legitimate expectations.


We resolve business disputes through negotiation with other parties’ legal representative. This saves legal costs and time for all parties involved. This process includes making a legal determination of where a client’s case stands and then pursuing a settlement.


Those involved in the construction industry are continually faced with financial risks. They're often not paid in full or at all for the services and supply provided to real property. As a result of these risks, contractors and suppliers of work, services and supplies to real property in Ontario have been granted special protections by the Construction Lien Act (the "CLA"). The CLA sets out the rules as to who has a lien (security against the property) and the process by which lien claimants can enforce their various rights.


An injunction is a court order that prohibits a party named in the litigation process from performing a specific act or directs named parties to perform a specific act. It is commonly used by parties during the litigation process and in urgent cases before formal litigation proceedings begin to secure the litigation claim or to mitigate the hemorrhaging of company owned assets by reckless parties such as directors or partners. This critical litigation order of the court can be utilized in a variety of scenarios including: 1) A Mareva order to temporarily put a ‘freeze’ on a Defendant’s Assets to prevent the Defendant from escaping from potential judgement by disposing of, hiding or, removing its assets from the jurisdiction; 2) Certificate of Pending Litigation; 3) Interim Recovery & Possession of Personal Property; 4) Anton Pillar Orders.


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